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7Geese ebook_performance-review

A simple guide to implementing a performance review process

This ebook will give you an understanding of what a great performance review process looks like, how to plan the entire process as well as how to facilitate it in your company. 

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Elements of a performance review process 

Your organization might only conduct performance reviews once a year but the performance management process leading up to reviews is year-round. Employees want to know where they stand and companies also wish to compile their data in such a way that they can inform strategic planning.

This ebook was designed to help leaders implement a strong performance review process whether you're starting from scratch or improving upon current processes.

You will learn

  • Purpose of the performance management planning process
  • How to plan for better employee performance
  • The 3-step process for conducting performance reviews
  • Tips for facilitating the 7Geese performance review process
  • Performance review FAQs 

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