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ROI Calculator

7Geese can help companies improve their revenue, attrition or administrative costs. Customize your information in any of the three fields below to get your potential ROI.

7Geese could increase your revenue to $7.5MM

What is your annual revenue in millions?

$ 7 MM

A continuous performance management tool can increase revenue up to 8.5%. Source: Ben Lamorte, LinkedIn

7Geese could decrease your attrition to 15%

What is your attrition in percent?

20 %

A continuous performance management tool can decrease attrition by 25%. Source: Forbes.com

Save up to $19,500 in administrative costs by digitizing performance management activities with 7Geese

Enter your company size in people


Enter the average employee salary

$ 60 K


7Geese provides this savings tool in good faith as a service to help customers in analyzing potential cost savings when purchasing and utilizing our products. Data provided for the calculation is the user’s responsibility. We do not make any representations or warranties of any kind on the information provided. We also disclaim any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness, or completeness of any information provided.

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