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The simplest OKRs app for business

7Geese gives your team zen-like focus.

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Build a close-knit culture.

Company core-values and priorities are clear for everyone to see inside 7Geese which makes it easy to maintain that close-knit culture, no matter how fast you grow.

Everybody focused on growing the company.

Company objectives are set first. Every other objective connects to the organizations'. Everyone if focussed toward the same goals.

Witness progress happening, live.

Teams make progress continuously, so why wait for a weekly status update or monthly email to shout about it? Use 7Geese to build a culture of continuous feedback and celebration.

Visualize employees’ efforts.

Make it easy for everyone to visualize how their work contributes to their team and organization’s success, boost engagement in the process.

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“The OKRs process within 7Geese gave us an easy way to understand what people are doing.”

Jorge Symonds

Brand Manager, Nearsoft